Fall 2020 Sneak Peak

There are hundreds of thousand kids in foster care across the United States. In 2019, there were over 650,000 kids that had experienced foster care at some point during the year. 

The holidays can be a difficult time for many due to various reasons which is why we chose to kickoff our Fall 2020 Rotating Seasons of Donating with children in foster care! Why children in foster care? As we stated above, there are many kids in the foster care system and some of the main items that they need are essentials (i.e. clothing and apparel). That is why it is our goal to not only have something for the children to unwrap around the holidays but to also provide them with incredibly comfortable and durable socks to add needed comfort to their feet.

Everybody needs socks but not everybody has the means to purchase comfortable, stylish socks which is why the Fall 2020 donations will be going towards the kids in foster care facilities. We're hoping to bring a sense of belonging to the children and give them something they can all share together.

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How else can you help out? GoFundMe donations will be put towards the cost of production and delivery fees of the socks to the children in foster care.


The deadline for the Fall 2020 Rotating Seasons of Donating is DECEMBER 21, 2020 then we will begin our Winter 2021 Rotating Seasons of Donating!