Central Children's Home | Fall 2020

This fall season the donations went to Central Children’s Home in Oxford, NC. All of you “Crew” members helped us to donate 65 pairs of socks from the My Sock Collection inventory!

Central Children’s Home is a non-profit facility, founded in 1883.  It is the second oldest children’s home in NC and the oldest black children’s home in the United States. Central Children’s Home has helped hundreds of children over the years. Children have learned household skills, food preparation skills, and developed many other skillsets since the facility has been in operation. (Central Children’s Home, 2007).

“The mission of the Central Children’s Home is to provide family centered services via an appropriate period of residential group care for children and youth from age 9-21, who cannot remain at home due to dependency, neglect or abuse; by providing a wholesome atmosphere that is conducive to their emotional, educational, social, spiritual and physical growth and development which promotes positive family functioning and/or independent living.” (Central Children’s Home, 2007)

Visit http://www.cch-nc.org/index.html for more information on Central Children’s Home.


During the winter season, donations will be going to a nursing home in NC. “Join the Crew” newsletter to stay up-to-date on our current Rotating Season of Donating.


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Want to help donate?

  1. For every two pairs of socks that you purchase through My Sock Collection, we donate a pair!
  2. Donate to the My Sock Collection GoFundMe page here


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